stuart mclachlan

personal information

AGE: 24


Age Range: 20-30


spotlight pin: 5818-6726-7649



2018, Commercial, Friend, Magners Online Advert (St Patrick's Day), Gavin Hopkins

2018, Comedy, Peter, Pistachio Boy, RCS, Katy Wang/ Gabrielle Greenough

2017, Pantomime, The Mad Hatter, Alice in Pantoland, Helensburgh Theatre Arts, Kyle Rapallini

2017, Short Film, Man, Domesticity, New Religion Films, Ibrahim Clayton

2017, Commercial, Jamie, It's Only A Photograph, Prancing Jack Productions, Eileen Frater

2017, Commercial, Cyclist, NextBike, Brand Cailbre, Darren Eggenschwiler

2017, Event, Russian Sleep Experiment Monster, Makeup assessment - Russian Sleep Experiment, Clydebank College, Louise Sharkey

2017, Short Film, Police Officer, Hunting Season, Shepka Productions, Nathan Shepka

2016, Feature Film, Louise, FLUX, Utopia Productions, Antony Scott

2016, Stage, Pad Bluebird, I Am Pad Bluebird, Jim Bay

2015, Short Film, Franklin Frederick Franklin, Incongruous, PM Films, Paul Mackie

2015, Stage, Horatio, Hamlet Vs Zombies, Bugsy Productions, Jon Degnan

2015, Voice Over, Voice Over actor, UWS CAPLED Voice overs, University of the West of Scotland, Sam Coulter

2015, Training Film, Laundry Assistant, NHS Training video, 29 Studios, Pauline Coogans

2015, Web Series, Travis, The Postie, Timeless Melody Productions, Ryan Norrie

2014, Short Film, Paul, A Quiet Day, GUST, Martin Heron

2014, Short Film, Stephen, Better Days, Brolawn Films, Jamie Brown

2014, Internet, Francis Drummond, The Glasgow Story, Bugsy Productions, Jon Degnan

2014, Short Film, Brad, The Librarian, UWS, Oliver Karaschewski

2014, Voice Over, Voice over artist, UWS Module voiceover, University of the West of Scotland, Samantha Coulter

2014, Short Film, Simon, Tallest Tower, Talking Pigeon Films, Kyle Mcinnes

2013, Stage, Andrew Divine (Armand Duval), The Lady of the Camillias, HUGO RS/ Io Films, Tom Van Den Hurk

2013, Stage, Peter Van Daan, The Diary of Anne Frank, COGC, Deborah Carmichael

2013, Educational, Jason, Say Goodbye, Clydebank College, Tina Hopps

2012, Pantomime, Tuck, Babes in the Woods, COGC, Anne Macleod

2012, Stage, Mark Ferris, London Suites, GAA, Anne Lothian

2011, Educational, Pip, The Fabulous 5, COGC, Fiona Lamb

2011, Stage, Horatio, Hamlet Vs Zombies, Bugsy Productions, Jon Degnan

2011, Stage, Man, Two, GAA, Fran Lyons

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