SAFA Acting agency works and represents actors at a

professional level, representing our actors in film and tv

safa Spotlight Actors

Savannah Stephen
Spotlight: 5813-0194-9079
Tyler Dalglish
Spotlight: 0618-8943-5710
Lauren Malcolm
Spotlight: 0614-4533-1713
Rachael Carr
Spotlight: 4211-0190-7342
Diane B Webster
Spotlight: 5217-8971-5927
Kayleigh Houston
Spotlight: 9339-8977-1400
Colin MacDougall
Spotlight: 0370-3492-1636
Holly Woodhouse
Spotlight: 6696-1203-8711
Stuart Hazel
Spotlight: 5818-6726-7649
Lauren Wade
Spotlight: 3877-9085-3753
Zahar Burlakov
Spotlight: 1818-1278-7221
Jon Tamburini
Spotlight: 7013-4501-3116
Ellie Duncan
Spotlight: 2415-5643-0254
Alexander Hamilton
Spotlight: 5897-4500-9098
Sky Sinclair
Spotlight: 8130-5646-4475
Andrew Dickson
Spotlight: 0295-9057-2145
Olivia McIntosh
Danielle Farrow
Spotlight: 6214-6759-9435
Ruth Murphy
Spotlight: 9735-8971-6651
Sahand Jaf
Erin Watson
Gaelle Menguy
Spotlight: 2537-0197-7778
Tara Harcombe
Spotlight: 6213-5640-1071
Sara Hamilton
Spotlight: 7890-8974-9473
Demi-Lee Devaney
Spotlight: 2618-0193-8452
Zahra Caunter
Spotlight: 2811-5643-6831
Kirsty Clements
Spotlight: 1418-7861-9106
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Non Spotlight Actors at SAFA

Alison Moir
Shawn Hastings
Declan McAleese
Grant McGregor
Alan McMenemey
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this website and its content is copyright of jsa actors ltd trading as safa/screen acting and film academy.  this company was originally established in 2012 as the UK Screen Acting Academy Ltd an organisation designed by julie mcgowan to provide actors from beginners to professionals with the opportunity, training and tools to enable all students the ability to pursue a career in acting for film and television.  safa now has actors in major feature films and tv shows and continues to provide a service that gives all actors the opportunity to pursue a career in acting. 

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