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Our audition process is more about accessing your learning level to determine what class is best suited to you as opposed to refusing you entry.  Here at SAFA we teach from beginners to professional level.  We support and encourage anyone who is interested in learning acting for film and TV. 

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SAFA - Screen Acting and Film Academy.  Acting in Glasgow.

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this website and its content is copyright of jsa actors ltd trading as safa/screen acting and film academy.  this company was originally established in 2012 as the UK Screen Acting Academy Ltd an organisation designed by julie mcgowan to provide actors from beginners to professionals with the opportunity, training and tools to enable all students the ability to pursue a career in acting for film and television.  safa now has actors in major feature films and tv shows and continues to provide a service that gives all actors the opportunity to pursue a career in acting. 

safa - where students become stars!