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Teen Class 12-16 years


Learn how to develop your techniques to

deliver true emotions on screen

Your Acting career Starts Here

this is your opportunity to start your acting career on screen.  here at safa we teach you everything from the technical elements for acting on screen to breaking down a script, learning lines, acting with others on screen.  You can build your showreel fast and effectively with little or no experience.


  • Emotional Recall

  • Reading between the lines

  • Script analysis

  • Develop techniques for depth of character

  • Directional Work

  • Fast turn around on scripts

  • Honest, realistic feedback.

  • Mock Castings with written feedback

Emotional Recall – Lee Strasberg is the founding father of Method Acting.  He formulated the method of emotional recall from Constantine Stanislavski who first examined psychological realism with a view to creating something real on stage/screen, removing the exaggerated pretence and revealing a more humanistic approach to acting.  Lee Strasberg then went on to perfect the craft of emotional recall using past experiences to recreate a true, reactive experience whereby the actor is no longer pretending to be upset, angry, frightened, they are actually feeling those emotions.  This is a brave choice for any actor as they are unearthing true feelings. This has proven to be the most successful approach, with lee strasberg's method being responsible for 128 acting nominations in the big 3 acting awards  (Oscar, Tony and Emmy's). This class explores Strasbergs view of sense memory and emotional recall with a view to understanding the history that is the legend Lee Strasberg.


A Psychological Approach - We believe that acting on screen is about subtlety and realism.  Psychology is about studying natural human behaviour and we apply that understanding to evaluate and alter the actor's reactions to create a true performance on screen.  It's about revealing your true self and delivering an organic realistic reaction to the given circumstance.  The safa psychological approach coupled with our view on sense memory and emotional recall gives the actor the ability to recreate powerful true emotions that are already winning our actors British Arrow and BAFTA awards.  Our teachings are strategical and methodical, giving you the confidence to be consistent on screen.


Realistic Feedback - you don’t learn unless you know what you’re doing wrong. Here we give you feedback throughout your training what’s going well and what you need to work on.  Here it’s all about ‘keeping it real’ being as natural on screen as you are off screen.  If we see you ‘acting’, you’re not doing it right and I’ll tell you.  By getting direct constructive feedback that's measurable you continue to develop and get better all the time.


Monthly Lectures – At the start of every month we open a new segment with a lecture introducing the month ahead.  These give you a strong foundation for your practical learning.  This gives you an understanding of what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.  This is clear constructive, precise learning that develops your acting to a higher level.  That’s why so many of our actors have gone on to work at a professional level.  If you’re not serious about your acting, this is not the course for you.


Script Analysis – Although this class focuses on emotional recall there will be development of script analysis during this class as we believe that you must first understand the text and the content of the script in order to fully connect and understand how you will then feel in that given circumstance.  Julie will teach you how to analyse the script and understand the subtext and beyond.


Dialogue Coach - By attending this class you gain free entry into our dialogue programme giving you an hour of America Accent training.  This is a priceless tool for our actors as we aim to see you as global actors as opposed to Scottish actors.  Again, our role is to make you as marketable as possible and having a great General American accent is perfect for that.  This will take place every  week in the first hour of class.  This service is included in your monthly fee (however it is subject to availability).


Loads of screen time - You're filmed regularly in class and on location.  This gives you valuable experience on screen and gives you an understanding of what will be asked of you onset.  You'll learn techniques, do's and don'ts and tips that make you more confident on screen.  Arrive on set to your first day of filming and have the confidence in knowing that what you're doing is right. 

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if you are successful during the audition process you will be offered a place in one of our classes.  Classes are £89 a month.  This will be set up as a direct debit and taken out of your account each month.

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